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Leah Raidt Meditates!

I am an independent meditation teacher in the Vedic lineage, and have been a consistent meditator for 6+ years. 

Education & Training 

Vedic Meditation Initiator Training: Mark Price of Alchemy Collective, 2020-2021
  • Completed 600+ hours of advanced meditation practice, including a 2 week meditation retreat
  • “A Course in Vedic Knowledge” Parts 1-5: Jeff Kober

  • Cultural Appropriation in Yoga & Meditation: Priya Verma

  • Vedic Meditation teacher anti-racism training & accountability cohort

  • Life coaching: Kelsey Mathes of KAM Meditation

The Embody Lab, Integrative Somatic & Trauma Therapies Certificate, 2021-2022

  • 60 hour certificate program with a faculty of instructors who are leaders in the field
  • Explore a unified somatic approach to trauma-informed care: including a deeper understanding of the body’s relationship with  social, environmental, developmental, relational, spiritual, and cultural wounding and healing. 

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Patrick Mellen at The Actors Fund, Spring 2021

  • Completed traditional 8-week MBSR course and multiple all-day retreats.
  • Continue on-going practice with colleague and teacher Patrick Mellen. 

Services & Offerings

Introduction to Meditation
  • This is a 90 minute virtual, lecture-style class with short, experiential practice sessions. 
  • We will debunk meditation myths, define types of meditation, and explore the benefits of practice.
  • All are welcome! No meditation experience required.
  • This class is virtual.
  • Prerequisite for the Vedic Meditation Training Course.
  • Great workshop for corporate work trainings.  
Vedic Meditation Training Course
  • 10+ hours of personal instruction to guide students into a self sufficient, effortless meditation practice for life! Includes nervous system training and introductory Vedic & Yoga philosophy. 
  • Currently scheduling private students & small groups
  • In-person offerings in Chicago, IL. Willing to travel to teach the course in-person.
  • Hybrid/Virtual options available  
  • Includes on-going accountability coaching, consulting, and group meditation offerings

Private Consultation & Accountability Coaching 
  • Personalized, trauma-informed sessions with flexible scheduling 
  • Areas of expertise:
    • Personalizing & Troubleshooting your practice
    • Integrating Mindfulness, Meditation, Spirituality into your life 
    • Tools for disruption: commiting to & claiming work/life balance   


What Clients are Saying:

Autumn & Greg, married couple Vedic Medication Course "This course was a godsend!" "We are finding it so easy to do our meditations every day. This practice saved us from many heated arguments!"

Juliet Barrett (they/them) Facilitator & Career Coach Before working with Leah, I was struggling to ground and clear my mind between client sessions. I was working with so many people struggling during the pandemic, and had a hard time regulating my nervous system after a full day of work. I would sense myself getting caught up in an anxiety spiral by multitasking unnecessarily to try and regain control of my center. I had been judgmental of meditation prior, foolishly thinking it was simply the act of learning to be present, something I thought I already knew how to do as a coach for others. Leah's approach not only helped me understand the historical context of meditation on a global scale, she taught me the ways my relationship to my body have been informed by intersecting systems of oppression that compound as generational stress over time. As a visual learner, I also really appreciated how many resources she provided outside of our 1:1s to help me contextualize my experience during training to the way meditation acts within the body over consistent practice. I'm not exaggerating when I say learning meditation transformed my relationship to myself and made me a better coach for my clients. Working with Leah I was able to understand how to develop more self compassion for my thoughts, and expand my somatic tolerance for the array of emotions I needed to process to get to a place of neutral acceptance of whatever wanted to pass through. It has become a vital tool that I use daily to maintain balance in my mind-body connection, and I feel a sense of relief during periods of enduring stress knowing that I have a way to proactively take care of myself. I wholeheartedly recommend practicing with Leah! She provides the utmost attention, compassion, and care as you learn how to connect your mind and body, and offers continuous check-ins to ensure this is only the beginning of a lifelong resource.

Jackie Steves, Transcendental Meditator Introduction to Meditation Course "Even though I thought I already knew a lot about meditation, I learned so much from Leah! I just sent the link for her next intro class to 23 people!"

Lois H. Introduction to Meditation "Leah has such great energy and excitement to share! It is contagious! Her leading and directions were fabulous in guided practice- her voice "just right." Thank you!"

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