World Premier of STRANGE HEART BEATING, Cloudgate Theatre

July 29, 2019

“...deftly intense performances of Jyreika Guest and Leah Raidt as the intrepid female sleuths.”

--Windy City Media


"The acting was superb - each character was nuanced and convincing.”​  --Splash Magazine


“Expect to be captivated from beginning to end. One of the Best Plays in Chicago!”

--Picture This Post 

World Premier of T. at American Theatre Company

May 18, 2017

"Raidt — who is a lively performer — is the brightest spot of the evening and the show perks up a bit when she is on stage." -Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune 

"Leah Raidt portrays Harding with a brashness & vulnerability that digs deep," -Splash Magazine

 "Leah Raidt plays Tonya Harding with fierce intensity. The look is perfect. There's a duality in her interpretation that strongly resembles the real Tonya Harding without resorting to impression. She's endearingly naive but also bullish and brash."  -John Accrocco, Buzz Center Stage

U.S Premier of "dirty butterfly", Halcyon Theatre & The Blind Owl

November 10, 2016

"Jo (Leah Raidt) whose powers are allure are almost supernatural..."  -Max Maller, Chicago Reader

 "they (all three performances) also possess an intensity and an attention to detail that grounds the play’s stylistic flourishes." -Alex Huntsberger, TimeOut Chicago 

"Three superb actors—Genevieve VenJohnson as Amelia, Leah Raidt as Jo, and Reginald Robinson Jr. as Jason— are electric on the stage with a minimalist set meant to convey paper thin walls in a low-rent district." -Amy Munice, Picture this Post 

World Premier of COLUMBINUS 2.0 at American Theatre Company

April 13, 2013

Nominated for multiple Jeff Awards including Best Ensemble and Best Director. 

"Paparelli and his ensemble cast — Matthew Bausone, Rob Fenton, Eric Folks, Jerod Haynes, Kelly O'Sullivan, whose raw emotions nearly carry her away, Leah Raidt, Tyler Ravelson, Sadieh Rifai — clearly understood the moral imperatives behind this particular project. Games have been raised all around. "

"Paparelli and his actors — everyone is exquisitely cast, but Eric Folks, who plays Klebold with a truly remarkable intensity and ease, goes above and beyond — do their damnedest to achieve two goals. One is to simply tell the story of what happened that day, and the other is probe why it took place."

-Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune 

"With its additions, and in Paparelli’s strong staging featuring a heartfelt, achingly honest cast, the play finds a new power." -Timeout Chicago

"Columbinus" is acted out by eight exceptionally committed and talented young actors who play multiple roles, both teenagers and adults." -Dan Zeff, Chicagoland Theatre Reviews

Punk Rock with Griffin Theatre

January 12, 2012

Won 2012 Non-Equity Jeff Awards for Best Ensemble, Best Actor (Joey DeBettancourt) , and Best Director (Jonathan Berry). 

"The young cast sported richly authentic British accents as each nimbly and energetically played teens in angst."

"Punk Rock is a well acted, realistic, and truthful glimpse into the psychic of today’s teens."

-Tom Williams, Talk Theatre in Chicago podcast

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