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Poetry Share: "Shiva in my gut"

Shiva in my gut

By Leah Raidt

Feeling in my gut. Feeling Shiva in my gut.

Feeling The Call

Feeling The Refusal to The Call

Feeling every thing at play at the same time.

Every whale has a belly. Every belly has a whale.

Every way you shake it all that shit is shook right now.

Shiva promises you have danced this dance in another play before.

Hold That Knowing Here Now

now, The Whale Call is the loudest call of all but humans hear only a part.

Shiva plays The Whale Call in my gut Digesting Feelings to Unshakeable Loud Knowing

I play The Hero shaking raging resisting hearing that shit in the belly of the whale.

Like the gods with all the hands Hold feeling every thing at the same time.

Right Now:

Can you feel the hands under your hands and the hands under the hands under your hands?

All the humans All the hands That Danced Before All Dancing Now

All the guts Holding Shiva All the gods Lending Hands

To all the humans To all the heroes

Crossing a Threshold.

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